Behzad Tabar show




Behzad Tabar



Round-ups, mix media on canvas, 59 x 59 in.

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FLUX / Hotel Tableau @ Besharat Contemporary


FLUX 2011
Friday, September 30th, 8 pm to Midnight

FLUX is a one-night public art celebration presented by Flux Projects in the streets and intriguing spaces of the Castleberry Hill Arts District. The evening features a diverse array of projects that include multi-media installations, projections, dance, theatre, music, sound and light installations, parades, puppetry, and iron pours. The event kicks off at 8:00 p.m. with a lantern art parade, and projects continue until midnight. The evening ends at Elliott Street Pub with iron fireworks from midnight until 12:45 a.m. Read more…

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ARTNET Magazine



by Adrian Dannatt

You meet the Spanish artist Alexandro Santana and you think, cripes, can he be for real? So handsome, so flamboyant, so seductive, so amusing — you’re not sure whether it’s intentional or inadvertent. And then you discover he is the son of a notorious Dominican admiral, that the tyrannical dictator Trujillo was best man at his parents’ wedding, that his mother was a fabled high-society beauty, that he grew up on battleships and estancias before going, inevitably, to Brown.

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The Fame Monster

by Cielo Lutino on March 10, 2011

“El Triunfo De La Muerte” (courtesy Besharat Gallery)

In the early days of my nerdom, I used to stay up late before the book fairs my elementary school held, marking and then erasing, and then marking again which books I wanted to buy when the fair opened. Our teachers provided us beforehand with a catalogue of the books that would be at the fair, but my mother capped how much I could spend. It meant budgeting. I hated not being able to buy whatever I wanted, but the limitations made me appreciate all the more what my restricted dollars bought and what they could not. I would wander the stacks of books, learning titles I hadn’t known existed, and I would be grateful for my exposure to them; later I would look in the library for those I hadn’t been able to buy. Read more…

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“Maison Massoud”


The Atlantan Magazine – March/April 2010

Maison Massoud

A peek into the loft/gallery of Castleberry’s new art czar reveals an aesthetic informed by exotic
globetrotting, classic good taste, and a pinch of provocation | By Nancy Staab | Photography by Sarah Dorio | Read more…

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European Salon at Besharat Gallery


September 20, 2009, 6 p.m.
Besharat Gallery (Castleberry Hill) (Directions upon Reservation)
$15 members, $25 non members

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Step into a 1925 building with the art and flair of a European Salon. This evening in the Castleberry Hill Gallery where owner Massoud Besharat mixes business with pleasure, you will meet a collector whose calling card reads ‘Saint and Poet’. Read more…

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